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The Union of groups of Guadeloupe and Martinique bananas producers

Founded in 2003, The Union of groups of Guadeloupe and Martinique bananas producers brings together the entirety of banana’s producers of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

They produce 270 000 tonnes of bananas of which 70% are sold in France and 30% for export.

These men and women are all driven by the same project: A passion for a fruit and for a modern, sustainable, productive and both environmentally and humanly more respectful form of agriculture.

It’s on a volcanic soil, that our producers are cultivating a remarkable banana with unique flavours. United within a cooperative, the 650 family farms are ensuring cultural practices at the cutting edge of agricultural sciences; a guarantee of traceability and quality for the consumer.

With IT2 and Cirad, they work conjointly on the biological fight, vegetation cover, insect trapping, and every alternative ways possible to make their banana the noblest in the world, one that rigorously responds to the European norms and that preserves the biodiversity of our Islands.



We cultivate, harvest, let ripen, pack and market Guadeloupe & Martinique’s banana, the one and only French Banana!


Our marketing tool

Fruidor group is the French market leader in the ripening of bananas

By its “terroir” or more local activities, Fruidor, selects an entire range of fruits and vegetables from the best French and foreign producers and it import, mature, condition and distribute them.

Thus Fruidor ensures several activities, from production to distribution.

Furthermore, Fruidor is the relay of the Sustainable Banana Plan, a plan the industry set up, by developing its own sustainable policy.


  • French and European retail,
  • French and European wholesalers,
  • The catering and food industry,
  • Presence in exports on targeted European markets.

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